Thursday, September 01, 2005

FEMA suspends some operations amid violence of Katrina aftermath

Katrina's destruction is giving way to violence and anger in New Orleans.
FEMA has had to suspend rescue operations in some areas after gunfire broke out. There was also a report of a shot being fired at a military helicopter near the Superdome, where fights and trash fires have broken out.
Another 10,000 National Guardsman have been called into New Orleans and various parts of the Gulf Coast to beef up security and other operations.
Evacuations from the Superdome to Houston have begun, but thousands more people are desperately trying to get out. Heavily armed state troopers had to block a surging crowd that moved toward buses near the Superdome.
Outside the nearby convention center, dead bodies are mixed with crying children and adults chanting desperately for help.
There's no telling just how many people Katrina has killed. The official toll in Mississippi is up to 121. Refrigerated mobile morgues are cruising around Mississippi coastal areas like garbage trucks, picking up bodies left on sidewalks and in front yards.
New Orleans' mayor said Wednesday that thousands are likely dead in his city alone.

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