Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ebert Archive and Chat

On At The Movies this past weekend Richard Roeper announced:
1) The past 20 years of At The Movies (formerly Siskel & Ebert & the Movies) is going to be archived for free download online. That's several thousand reviews -- from Adventures in Babysitting to Zodiac. Unfortunately, the first ten years of of the show was poorly preserved. (This is sad, as Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert had the most compelling on screen relationship since Kirk and Spock or Lucy and Desi.) I hope some of those great "Dog of the Week" excerpts got preserved.
2) Roger Ebert will be a guest for an online chat Thursday at 8:00 Eastern (7:00 Central). You can submit questions in advance here. The chat will be at this link.
Strangely, this is not being promoted much. Aside from Roeper's announcement, there have been no Googlable press releases and only a couple very short blog entries.
Until the actual archive shows up online, you can enjoy these links.