Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Marc Maron Show debuts tonight 10:00pm Pacific Time

Fans of Marc Maron, Jim Earl and their posse of geniuses and working class heroes can finally hear the unique and cutting-edge political comedy that has been missing since the cancellation of Morning Sedition. (This great fan site is archiving some of the best comedy bits from the old show.)
What will the new Marc Maron Show sound like? Tune in between 10pm and Midnight, Pacific Time to find out. If you miss it tonight, catch it another weeknight.
From the (well designed) Marc Maron Show site:
"Yes, friends. This is the inaugural broadcast of The Marc Maron Show, live from Burbank, California. We know you're all thrilled that the day is finally here. But heed this warning: We can not be held responsible for our actions over the next two hours. Marc and Jim Earl have been festering in their enclaves for two long months, and the world may not be ready to hear what they've got to say once the microphones are turned on. Why else do you think we're broadcasting during "safe harbor" hours, at bay from the indecency regulations of the FCC?"

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