Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rabbi Yehuda Chitrik, a Legend in Lubavitcher Circles, Is Dead at 106

Yehuda Chitrik was born on Aug. 28, 1899, in Krasnolok, a Hasidic town in Russia. In 1913, his father sent him to study at the central Chabad-Lubavitch Yeshiva near Smolensk, where he frequently met with the fifth Lubavitcher rebbe, Shalom DovBer Schneerson. He also began to commit stories and historical facts to his remarkable memory.
...Rabbi Chitrik retired in the 1970's and moved to New York City in 1983 after the death of his wife. He is survived by two sons, two daughters and, according to Rabbi Shmotkin, 20 grandchildren and hundreds of great- and great-great-grandchildren. [thanks, Sharon]

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