Wednesday, March 22, 2006

UN Observer: Depleted Uranium

As the United States Department of Defense hoped for discussions and debates continue, regarding the toxicity of uranium weapons, it is extremely important to understand that these same officials want these debates to continue while they ignore and hope the general public does not learn that United States Army regulations, specifically United States Army Regulation 700-48, United States Army Technical Bulletin 9-1300-278, along with numerous orders already require thorough environmental remediation of all contamination and that medical care is provided to all casualties because - as stated in the 1995 United States Army Environmental Policy Institute report in response to the congressional and U.S. Army leadership mandate to reduce uranium weapons toxicity - we found and stated that quote: "Ways to Reduce DU Toxicity: No available technology can significantly change the inherent chemical and radiological toxicity of DU. These are intrinsic properties of uranium" end quote.
It is important to note that the actual medical care directives that we wrote and United States Department of Defense enacted, mandating medical care for DU exposures, required that the radiobioassay - urine, feces, and nasal swabs - be completed within 24 hours of the initial exposure not days, weeks, or years later as is happening if any tests are even ever conducted.
Today, medical tests are only given to some selected persons and not all exposed children, women, and men. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG AND A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

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