Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Ditty Bops

The Ditty Bops are the most exciting musical act I've heard in years.
I'm a fogey. The last three acts I got this excited about were Jack Johnson, Ben Folds Five and Nirvana (all debuts, all before they hit big). That's a long time-span.
Now I'm young again. The Ditty Bops are brilliant!
It's as if k.d. lang impreganted They Might Be Giants in the early 80's and these bad girls were their genius progeny.
Like Talking Heads and Peter Gabriel, they have attracted some inventive artists to create a wonderful visual style for the group.
Like true students of music, the Ditty Bops execute humorous, complex and thematically rich music and deliver it all as pure entertainment.
In addition to their own video links you can find earlier work at this YouTube link.
They are soon releasing a new CD, and I can't wait.
(By the way, their web site is a work of art!)

The Ditty Bops have my love.
Please, Ditty Bops, keep bending our brains!
-- McLir

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