Friday, April 07, 2006

Latest Re-Enactment from Barndon Hardesty: Pulp Fiction link above.
His other re-enactments here.

Bandon writes:
In this famous scene from Pulp Fiction, Christopher Walken has just returned from the Vietnam War to give his friend's son an heirloom gold watch. He goes into great detail telling the boy about the watch's origins, and how he managed to keep the watch all these years...
This scene was by far the hardest one I've done, but easy to edit. Since I did it all in one take, I didn't have to edit anything, besides the opening title.
It was either this scene or the "Say what again" scene with Samuel Jackson. I absolutely LOVE that scene, but I'd feel dirty after cursing so much.
Christopher Walken... you are a frightening man. Funny as hell, though.

War medals on jacket = some random pins
Watch = an old prop from a play I was in

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