Friday, April 07, 2006

FCC chair urges lifting of cross-ownership media ban

[T]he chairman of the Federal Communications Commission called on newspaper publishers Tuesday to help his agency revive a push to lift a ban on the ownership of both newspapers and broadcasting outlets in the same city.
Chairman Kevin Martin, addressing a gathering of publishers at an annual industry convention in Chicago, said newspaper owners should do more to educate the public about the vast changes that have occurred in the nation's media marketplace since 1975, when the ban was put in place.
“A lot has changed since the days of disco and leisure suits,” Martin said, noting an explosion in the number of broadcasting outlets since then, as well as the rise of cable television and the Internet, all of which have made media much more competitive.
“We can't take on this process alone,” Martin said. “Your job is to educate the public about the changes in the media landscape.”

Yes we have hundreds of channels.
I have several water taps in my house, but that does NOT mean I have a wide choice of water suppliers. (BTW, "leisure suits" are not the issue.)

-- McLir

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